Primavera — springtime in every sound

Primavera is a unique artistic duo. If you are a sophisticated listener who not only likes to listen with his ears, but also seeks after the true beauty, you should definitely acquaint yourself with Primavera. The talented performers Elena and Svetlana are the laureates and the prize-winners of many regional, all-Russian and international contests


The girls as they tell took the name from the most melodious language — Italian where “primavera” means “spring.” This is the time when everything in nature comes to life and starts to blossom out.

The beginning of the duo

Girls met in the Tyumen College of Art. After graduation continued their studies at the conservatories. During this period, both performers were taking part in many competitions. They won many awards and earned recognition. But the artistic fate brought them back together. And again the cello and the violin began to sound in unison. Tyumen became the starting point for a new team. In the work on a new project the girls hit upon the idea of performing music on electric instruments with an unusual concert program. So in April 2012 the duo Primavera was born. In 2014 the unique show program allowed musicians to become laureates of the international TallinFest contest in Estonia.

An innovative stage appeal

The name Primavera conceals the creative idea of the collective. The live performance with the stage movements is imbued with the breath of romance. Girls are playing the electric violin and the electric cello girls create a fascinating stage performance. Breathtaking sound is supplemented by bright scenic images. Not only members of the duo themselves perform dance movements but also invited dancers take part in the show.

The duo has the variety of different costume themed numbers.


Creative ideas

Primavera is planning the record of their first album. The bright duo dedicates its record to the true connoisseurs of the beauty who constantly keeps spring in the soul. The sound of the violin always gets to the heart. The sounds of the string quartet can sink deeply into the brightest corners of our memory. The vibrations that come from a violoncello and a violin make a person happy. One can try to explain this phenomenon, or simply enjoy the skill of the performers.

The string duo Primavera has a rather dense concert schedule for Russia and other countries. In this regard, you can specify the available dates in a way that is convenient for you.

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